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Get free drinks in Las Vegas, NV with these tips

How To Get Free Drinks in Vegas

Updated on April 20, 2021


Make no mistake, Vegas loves giving away free drinks. Most people think the only way to get a libation without paying is to be sitting at the gaming tables or slot machines, but my friend, there are so many additional ways that Vegas plies you with adult beverages, because people who have been consuming spirited drinks tend to be a little more loose with their wallets, and that's the ultimate goal; more gambling, more expensive restaurants, an upgrade to your hotel room, all of it.

OF all the fun things to do in Vegas, seeing how many ways you can score a free drink might be the most enjoyable. Once you've exhausted your supply, you've probably had a good time, and you didn't have to buy a single drink.

Let's take a look at some of the more interesting ways one can get free libations in Vegas.

How to Get Free Drinks in Vegas:

Be Female

The ladies get the free drinks. It's practically an unwritten rule. No, wait, in some places it's actually a written rule. You know those scenes in movies where some high roller has a women or two standing next to him for good luck? If you're female, you could try your own luck at being one of those special ladies. What's the purpose you ask? Well, a high roller by himself is primarily looking to win some money, and he's probably serious about the task at hand, which means if he rolls a few and doesn't win, he may withdraw from the table or go find some activity he thinks would be financially safer. But say you're a female wandering through the casino alone and see this solitary high roller tossing the dice across the table. Want a free drink? Or several? Sidle up to him at the table, introduce yourself and ask him how things are going. If well, then root him on like your his biggest cheerleader. If not well, offer to blow on his dice for luck. Even if he loses a small amount, chances are he'll think of you as a good luck charm and want to continue rolling. The Casino is mindful of this, and will likely begin offering you drinks in order to get you to stay at the man's side and encourage him to continue playing. Most likely, even if he loses everything, he will have felt like a big shot with you standing there at his side like he was James Bond. The free drinks will fill in any gaps that reality might be attempting to provide in order to contradict this image.

Ladies Night at any bar, or Newbie Night at any of the single gender bars. Yes, there are opportunities for both men and women, assuming you're willing to be open minded (and not hurting a significant other). And while it helps to be young and attractive, that's not a rule set in stone. Many folks are looking for companions with kindly faces or a listening ear. We'll let you figure out the rest. But hey, free drinks!

Be A Sports Fan

Do you like sports? Hit up the Casino Sports Book and have some fun with small amount gambling. Trust us, the House will take any bet, and a person who has come in to enjoy the big game (or games) with a series of smaller bets is just as welcome as that one high roller who's about to drop a house payment on the championship. As long as you are sitting in the Sports Book, your drinks will be complimentary, even if you're winning, and even if all you're placing is small bets. Chances are the House might make more in a day from a series of small bets than they will from one large bet on a single event. Watch your favorite sport and enjoy free drinks. The only thing you have to lose is money!

Wander The Strip

That's right, take a long walk up one side of the strip and down the other. Among the many, many, MANY people trying to hand you flyers from everything including show tickets to a helicopter ride, there are also people handing out free drink vouchers for the casino which happens to be right behind them. So take a walk, get a voucher, wander into the casino and get your drink, walk around looking at all the interesting features of the casino (like the Koi Pond at the Wynn), then head up the Strip and repeat the process. Chances are you will have burned off any effects the drink might have from all that walking, but at least you did something fun and got free drinks from the experience!

Attend Local Business Events

In case you are not interested in being part of the thrills of gambling at the casinos but prefer attending business events, you should look for local business events as they are some of the cheapest places to drink in Vegas. Finding local business events to attend in Las Vegas should be an easy task as the city is one of the hubs of businesses around the world. Resultantly, there are different local business events every day, so take your time to attend any local business events and get free drinks. If you are lucky, you may get awesome business ideas, partnerships or networking that may create long-lasting business opportunities for you.

Offer Tips To The Waiter Or Waitresses

Are you looking for how to do Vegas right without leaving a hole in your pocket? Spend a little by tipping the waitress and let the tip perform wonders by providing you free drinks. If you are playing games at the casinos in Las Vegas, you will likely be offered free drinks; however, the waitress may stop offering you the drinks after a while. Nevertheless, by tipping the waitress, you can be certain of getting free drinks and excellent services for as long as you want.

Be A Part Of A Convention Or Conference

Another important method you should consider when it comes to how to get free drinks in Vegas is being part of some conventions or conferences often held in Vegas. Just as in the case of business events, Vegas has never been short of amazing conventions and conferences where you can learn a few things and also enjoy fun-filled after parties. If you are invited to one of these conferences or conventions, you can rest assured that you are going to get free drinks during the after party. However, if you are not invited to any, you can still check out any of the available ones around you and be a part of them. Although a few of them may insist on seeing your convention badge before allowing you to participate, many of them are open to everybody. Even if the conference or convention does not have an after party, the organizers will likely open the bar for a few hours to allow participants get free booze.

Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB)

In Las Vegas, there is no crime in going about with liquor; so, you can also explore this method if you are in need of cheap or free drinks. With just as little as $10, you can get your booze and take it along with you anywhere you are heading. Walgreen stores and several souvenir shops that are found in different locations around the city of Vegas are some of the cheapest places to drink in Vegas.

Get Free Tickets

There are various promoters in Vegas offering Buy-One-Get-One tickets; many of them also provide free drinks when you get in. So, you should not look beyond them when you are looking for how to do Vegas right and get free booze. You can buy tickets from them and get in with a friend to enjoy free drinks that will make your tickets to be worthwhile.

Check Out Bars

While the drinks at the bars are not entirely free, there are some bars that offer drinks that come at relatively cheap prices that you can hardly get else. Pub 365 at Tuscany is one of these bars where you can get cheap drinks. Just spend a few dollars at the video poker machines inside this restaurant and bar and get complimentary drinks. At Pub 365, there is a great selection of beers that you can choose from. Even if you ever feel hungry while you are at this restaurant, they also have delicious foods you can have a taste of. Tag is another great bar where you may be able to choose from different bars at a relatively cheap rate.

Check Other Places Offering Free Drinks

From Hard Rock Casino to the Luxor Casino, and Stratosphere Hotel, there are plenty of places in Las Vegas where you can get drinks for free. Just get into any of these places and call the waiters to offer you booze. Depending on the quality of services of the place, you may be able to get a shot or more of free or cheap drinks. In addition, you can also check out some of the places in downtown Vegas to get cheap drinks.

Enjoy Drinks On The Cheap

Although most of the methods above can help you get free drinks, you may not be lucky enough to get the good drinks that you desire. Rather than searching endlessly for where to get free drinks, you should check out some of the cheapest places to drink in Vegas. If you have a few dollars to spend on liquor, take a trip to the Stagedoor Casino later in the day and see what is on offer there. For as little as $2, you can get booze to round off your day. You should also consider spending some hours at the Ellis Island Casino and Brewery for middle-shelf beers that will not leave a hole in your pocket.

Gamble Gamble Gamble!

Everyone gets free drinks when they gamble, whether you're at the slot machines, sitting at the poker table or better yet, try playing a video poker machine at one of the hotel's swankiest bars. The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has top shelf drinks starting at around 15 dollars. But before you go choking on that figure, those same drinks are complimentary if you're playing the video poker machines; and we're talking about one of Vegas' nicest, swankiest bars in town! Did we mention swanky? A lot of the more upscale bars on the Strip are beginning to adopt this policy, so make a game of it.

See how many high class establishments you can visit and get a free drink from just for sitting at the bar and playing a little video poker. Win or lose, we're pretty sure you've had a fun evening when all is said and done. Since Las Vegas is known to be the home of casinos and other gambling adventures, you might probably be considering the thrill that comes with gambling and possibly winning a fortune before the day breaks. Therefore, while you are gambling and having fun, why don’t you enjoy free drinks? Notably, you don’t have to gamble away your life savings to get free drinks, just head over to the table for penny slots, spend little and get free drinks while you are still having a good time.

You can hardly find a better way of how to do Vegas right when it comes to getting free drinks than this. If you know how to maneuver your way around the tables, you may not spend more than a few dollars to get free drinks. Though most of the liquor served here are cheap ones, you can ask the bartender to offer you premium drinks if they have. Nevertheless, some of the casinos have a drink monitoring system which ensures that your liquor consumption in is line with your play; hence, be on the look for the system and be prepared to pay if you drink more than the system allows. One of the places you should check is Encore where you can get fantastic white Russian liquor and other premium drinks.

Another place is the Paris Las Vegas that provides all you need to play casino and also get enough of liquors on the cheap or even for free. A few other places in Las Vegas to visit for gambling and free drinks are Cosmopolitan, Aria, Wynn Las Vegas, and Bellagio. However, if you prefer having a taste of premium drinks, you may want to look elsewhere other than the regular casino floors that are littered with cheap drinks. Your best bets are the bars at the casino lounge. By spending just $20 or a little more, you can take part in video poker and still get premium liquors on the cheap. So these places are probably the cheapest places to drink in Vegas when you want premium drinks.

CASH 1 would like to remind you that taking out a signature loan in Vegas or title loan in Vegas for the purposes of gambling is a bad idea and that we encourage the practice of responsible gambling.