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Be Fit Without Spending Much Money

Updated on April 20, 2021

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To be fit you don't need to get into a contract or pay anywhere from $15 - $40 a month. Cardio is anything from jogging to jumping rope; you don't need a machine to incorporate cardio in your life. The following is a list of ways to be fit without paying for a gym membership.

Workout DVDs

With workout DVDs you can get in a full workout. There are DVD's for pretty much any type of workout, from kickboxing to yoga. The DVDs aren't too costly and often times you can watch them on YouTube.

Outdoor Activities

Things like hiking, rollerblading, and bike riding are free and fun. Doing different things can break up the exercise monotony, which will help increase your desire to exercise.

Workout routine

You can always find workout routines in magazines and online. Many of the routines can be done with little to no equipment.

Utilize your resources

Instead of going out and buying weights use things like water bottles. You can also use stairs or a stool as a step.

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