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How to Save Money on Designer Clothes

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  • by Joseph Priebe|
  • April 29, 2013 |
  • Personal Finance

How to save money on designer clothes

You don't have to pay a fortune to have name brand clothes or accessories. Being a smart shopper can help you save money on clothes and get the high-end things you want at low-end prices.

Here's How to Save Money on Designer Clothes

Consignment Store

At a consignment store, individuals have a dealer sell their used items for a fee. Consignment stores decide what is good enough to sell. Therefore, unlike thrift stores you generally find better quality items.


eBay is a popular site that lets people auction off their stuff. Some sellers even offer a buy now option to opt out of the hassle of an auction. eBay has good return policies and safety measures to protect buyers, but make sure you read up on ways to spot a counterfeit to avoid any delays or problems. .

Thrift Stores

Similar to consignment stores, thrift shops are less organized. You will probably have to dig and search more, but it is possible to find treasures!

Outlet Stores

Many designer brands have outlet stores, where they sell overstocked items or items that didn't sell. Check your local listings for an outlet mall near you. How do you find your favorite name brands at discount prices?

Clothing Swaps

Designer clothing swaps can be a fun way to save money. You can get together with friends or complete strangers to trade clothes. These events can be small and intimate or large-scale where whole towns will swap their used fashions for someone else’s used fashions.

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