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How to save money on furniture

How To Save Money on Furniture

Updated on April 20, 2021

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My friend just bought herself a new apartment in Vegas and her excitement was over the top. Because she's the type of person who doesn't care how many loans she can have, she wanted my assistance in furnishing her new home without spending a lot of money. Like a good friend, I did my very best to help her as much as I could. During the process, I myself learned a lot about buying remarkable furniture within a limited budget. It's not as difficult as it may seem to some people. All you need is to keep a few worthy techniques in mind while shopping and your home will get an amazing new look for a little price. Here are a few things that you should consider if you want to buy furniture at a low cost:

Know What You Need

Make a list of the items that you need for your new home and prioritize them. Set a budget. You can always buy the items of primary need first. It is okay to wait for things holding secondary importance if they do not fit into your budget. Don’t act on your impulse. You may like a furniture item that might not fulfill your needs, or will occupy excessive space in your room. Be very clear about what you want. This way it will be easier for you to make choices.

Look for Sales

It's always a good practice to look for sales, but what’s better is to look for genuine sales. Most of the sales you see these days are a gimmick. Sometimes the items going on sales have a manufacturing or any other fault. Search the market thoroughly. You have to shop like a pro and get the best possible sales.

Shop at Outlets or Clearance Centers

Shopping at outlets will help you find furniture that has either been discontinued or returned due to any reason. You can also find damaged items. Be sure of the fact that you’ll get remarkable deals here. You have to keep your eyes open to minute details.

  • Is the furniture item of your choice damaged?
  • How much is the damage?
  • What will be the cost?
  • Will it fit your budget?

The secret to finding a good deal at a clearance store is to visit it frequently.

Save Money and Buy Used Furniture:

  • Moving Sales Or Garage Sales:

It is entirely okay to go for used furniture at yard sales. You may find someone from your street who is willing to sell their dining table or couch at a very reasonable price. Don’t be embarrassed. Get it for the lowest possible price, and put some money in renovating it. There’s a high chance that you might get a dining table in $30, and buy re-painting it in $20, you’ll have a shining new $50 table in your dining room.

  • Thrift Stores:

It is always a good option to go green. You are not only being kind to your own pocket, but also to you planet. There’s a huge variety of items in a thrift store that have either been used gently or might have been abused as well. Like clearance stores, again you have to keep your eyes open. Examine each furniture item carefully. Look for the ones that are in better condition than the others.

  • Going-Out-Of-Business Sales:

Although this provides a limitation in choice, you can save a hefty amount of money. They have to get rid of the items anyway so, it would be better if you try your bargaining tactics here.

Look Online

Shopping online is way easier. This way you have an access to all the variety with just a few clicks. By looking at the choices, you even have a better idea of the latest trends in markets and the best deals available. You also have the advantage of reading helpful reviews. Forums provide interactivity with other users and buyers, which serve as further assistance in buying the finest and least expensive furniture item. When buying online, read carefully about the shipping information and taxes. You don’t want yourself to end up paying more by ignoring this important information. Check if the dealer is legit, and don’t forget to look for the warranties.

Buddy up with the Sales Person

Be very friendly with the sales person. Develop a casual friendship and ask him to help you out in finding the perfect item for you. Be kind and funny with the salesperson instead of considering him as an opponent you need to dominate. Develop a mutual trust. Nobody is asking you to trust him blindly, just be nice and if reciprocates, try to build on that.

Price Matching

If you like something, don’t get an adrenaline rush to buy it on the spot. Check the price of similar items and match them. Check what price other stores are offering. It’s always better to do this on the phone in front of the furniture dealer, who will be prompted to offer a lower price. You may find great deals on newspapers and magazines. Open the classifieds page and look for the best possible options. A comfortable couch or a spacious wardrobe might be waiting for you right there. Call the given numbers, get all the required details, and if you like the offer then pay a visit.


The price range at IKEA is better than a lot of rival companies. The only problem you might face is that most of their furniture require self-assembly. They offer a lot of contemporary styles along with more storage space. So, if you are ready to do some fun building stuff then, IKEA is the place for you.


Let your friends and family know that you need furniture for your new house/apartment. You may feel shy but it’s okay to accept second-hand gifts in the start. Later, you can save money to get something better for your house. You have to do your hunting well for discounts if buying a new item. And when going for a used item, not only you require amazing search skills, but also a lot of creativity and patience to give it a good shape. Please remember that if you find yourself short on funds if you're bills added up to a little more than expected, a Las Vegas car title loans could cover it. If your needs are for a shorter-term may want to check our payday loan requirements in Nevada. Because everyone needs a little extra cash from time to time.

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