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Updated on May 6, 2022

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The internet is more than just a vast source of information and pictures of cats. There’s a good reason Amazon is the largest non-social-media internet company on earth. They sell stuff, lots of stuff. What originally was a website where college students could buy more affordable textbooks has become the web’s largest retailer (not including E-bay) for everything you can imagine, and probably a whole bunch of things you can’t. No, this isn’t an advertisement for Amazon (do they really need to advertise?); we want to point out some helpful ways you can save money. Amazon (and other web retailers) is a significant source for saving a few bucks on the things you purchase.


Amazon, Newegg(.com), Thinkgeek(.com), and others offer electronic items at sometimes half the cost of your local electronics brick and mortar store. A large part of the reason is the cost of staffing and shipping have been virtually eliminated by selling online. Check your favorite retailers for free shipping on orders over a certain amount for additional savings.

Here’s an example: the same laptop that sells for about eight hundred dollars at your nearest electronics store will likely sell for about five hundred at any of the above mentioned websites. We are talking about good, quality electronic merchandise with significant savings. Don’t know anything about electronics but want to make sure you are purchasing something that will last? Read the reviews. Here’s a tip: the longer the review, the more likely the reviewer knows what he or she is talking about. Look for reviews that talk about specifics, and (trust on this) aspects that you didn’t know about. If a review has a lot of technical-sounding jargon in its content, you can probably trust that person to know what they’re talking about.

Remember, respectable websites do not pay for their reviews, so if you see a bunch of people have taken the time to write up a lengthy, positive review, there’s a good chance the product is a good one. This will help you make an informed decision and get the best product possible for the best savings available.


Most adults have worn the same sized clothing since their mid-twenties, thus there’s not much need to try something on in a fitting room unless you really want to see what it looks like on you. Clothing from online retailers almost always costs less, and most of them will offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount. This is good for items like casual and work clothes. If an item does not fit, you should be able to exchange it for one that does. Check the retailer return policies first before ordering. A reputable company will refund or exchange an item without question, and without charging you additional shipping costs.

Specialty items

Need a new set of luggage? How about that new golf club you’ve been saving up for? Kitchen appliances? Online retailers are the best place to shop for items like these since there is literally no need to try them on or even see if they work (reputable online retailers will exchange a defective product with no hassle or extra charge). The best part is you don’t need to spend extra fuel leaving your home just to pay higher prices. Shop at your convenience in your own home and save money in the process.

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