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Save money with these small ways

These Tiny Money Tricks Will Increase Your Savings

Updated on February 14, 2022

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Imagine all the ways there are to save money; just do a quick tally in your head of all the methods you know, or have read about on this space. Are most of them small tasks that you haven’t bothered to institute because you thought they wouldn’t save you very much? Most people do this; in fact, the writer of this article is guilty of this very thing, so don’t go thinking you’re in bad company. Most of us will jump at the chance to save a significant amount of money, and yet, often when we are presented with an opportunity that will save us only a few bucks a month, we might think it’s too much trouble for the financial gain.

But the reason we’re asking you - and you probably know where we’re going with this – is because we want you to imagine the combined savings just from putting into practice a handful of these ideas. Might we suggest you go back and read over a few of our entries about the process of saving money and pick out your five favorites? See how easy they would be to turn into money-saving habits?

Here’s an example: we told you before how you can save a few bucks a month by eliminating that trip to the coffee house drive-thru and drink coffee you made at home or utilize the office coffee maker. Or there’s the one where you take the change – just the coin, mind you – you get back throughout the course of the day and toss it into a jar. And there’s the daily food truck visit, on which you can save money if you make your own lunch at home and bring it to work with you.

Take just those three examples, because they are three very easy, no-cost-up-front methods that will save you a few bucks a day each. Let’s make a conservative estimate and say each of those habits saves you two dollars a day; two bucks from the change collection, two bucks from the homemade coffee, two bucks from the brownbag lunch. That’s six bucks a day. Still doesn’t sound like much? How about thirty bucks a week? That seems more significant, doesn’t it? Those of you math whiz types have already figured out that translates to a hundred and twenty dollars a month…that’s $1, 440 a year!

Utilizing just those three ideas can save you a significant amount of money, and all it takes is the effort required to make your own sandwich, your own cup of coffee, and tossing your change into a jar. Now imagine how much you could add to that sum by utilizing a few more simple ideas and you not only will be saving money, but you’ll be developing the mindset of looking for other ways to save and get into good budgeting habits. We’re not lecturing you here, and maybe you already have good budgeting habits, but we at CASH 1 think there’s always room for improvement in our own habits and we like sharing the money-saving tips with you.

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Joseph Priebe

Joseph Priebe takes pride in assisting audiences with his articles to help them make sound financial decisions.

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