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Getting monthly installment loans with no credit

How To Get Monthly Installment Loans With Bad Credit

Updated on August 15, 2022


If you live in Nevada and have less-than-stellar credit, CASH 1 Installment Loans can be a simple solution to your financial woes. Monthly Installment Loans with no traditional credit check are unsecured debt loans that are paid over a term of up to 90 days in near equal payments. You will make payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on when you get paid. These payments are set to your pay dates and are applied to both the principal and interest. There are no hidden fees and you won't need any collateral because your job is your credit.


What Are Monthly Loans for Bad Credit?

We refer to these loans as Installment Loans and we can lend you up to $5,000 depending on your income. You borrow a specific amount from us and agree to pay the loan back, with interest, in a series of payments determined by your pay date. These loans are intended to be short term and have no early payoff penalties. Keep in mind that although we don't run a traditional credit check, if you have defaulted on a loan with another company you'll probably be denied funds. Also, you will not qualify if you are under 18 years old, you are an active member of the US Military or you live in a weekly or an extended stay.

What You Need for a Cash Loan and Pay Monthly Installments

Here are a few things that you'll need to have when you apply for a Nevada Installment Loan

Proof of Nevada Residence

You have to live in the state of Nevada to be approved for Installment Loans in Reno Nevada. A Nevada state issued photo ID is sufficient for your Installment Loan. Proof of residence can include a copy of a utility bill or lease agreement, or any official mail addressed to you at your address that is not junk mail.

A Government-Issued Photo ID

A Nevada Drivers License or Nevada State Identification Card will qualify for an ID to confirm your identity.

Documented Proof of Income

Your income will help to determine the loan amount you qualify for. Our Installment Loan amounts do not exceed 25% of your monthly gross income which keeps your payments affordable. Unfortunately, if you work for a temporary agency the maximum we can lend you is $150. You'll need to bring any one of the following to verify your income:

  • Paystubs within the last 30 days (this is the quickest solution).
  • A bank statement showing direct deposit amounts. If you don't have a bank statement you can have us print it from your online account or have it faxed to us from your bank.
  • If you get paid by cash only, a bank statement is required. We'll use your average deposit amount in your bank account for the last three months.
  • A letter from your employer (on company letterhead) stating the customer's income. We'll verify this by calling your employer at a listed number.
  • If you are self-employed, we can verify your income with your bank statements from the last three months.

Bank Account

An open checking account with 30 days of banking history is required for our No Traditional Credit Check Loans. You should bring either a bank statement, or copy of a voided check or direct deposit form. Although not required we highly recommend that you keep a debit card on file which will allow you to set up electronic payments for your convenience through our system. This will save you the hassle of regular trips to where you got your loan every payday. Your bank information on file also prevents any missed payments that may have slipped your mind and avoids any loan defaults.

Three Verifiable References

We do ask for three personal references. We can accept two if you don't have three, but this will limit the amount you can get approved for. References cannot live with you or with each other. We do like to actually speak with your references to confirm that they know you and are okay with being a reference for you. We do not disclose to your references what your application is for. If we can't reach your references, the voice mail of your references stating their name is also considered acceptable.

Verifiable Home or Cell Number

We'll call your home or cell number to ensure the phone number is correct in case we need to contact you at a later date.

Getting Your Installment Loan Money in Nevada

Once everything has been verified you'll receive your cash. If you get an easy online installment loan or called us at 888-858-9333 and were pre-approved, you can go to your nearest Nevada location and get your money. Making payments is easy and if you set up Autopay with us you can qualify for discounts on the interest rate and possibly get more cash.


Remember to Borrow Responsibly

The interest on our loans accrues on a daily basis but it is posted to the account the day of or day after each due date. The due dates for payments on the accounts are set up on the same day as the customer’s pay dates. Depending on your pay frequency with your employer, you will make your payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. If your loan is paid off early you save the interest for all of those days for which interest did not yet accrue on your account and you pay less on your loan.

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