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How to save money this fall

Save Money This Fall

Updated on April 20, 2021

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Autumn is upon us; cooler temperatures, shorter days, kids are back in school. September is typically a time when many folks are recovering from their summer financial expenditures, including vacations and back-to-school expenses. We want to present you with a list of ways to save money in the fall. Some of these will have come too late for you to take advantage of this year, but it's certainly never too early to plan on saving money.


Next year, think about saving your vacation until after Labor Day. There are so many bargains available that it would be exhaustive to list them all here. But head on over to your favorite travel website and check out the substantial savings offered on flights, hotels, rental cars, and especially destination resorts. Fall is considered the 'slow season' for travel destinations, and most of them offer deep discounts on what would otherwise be a seriously expensive vacation. Your kids may not mind missing a week or two of school next October, and you just might have the kind of vacation you only dreamed about.

After the back-to-school sales

Most of these sales offer only a nominal sale on some school supplies but never any real savings. When you see an ad for clothes and school supplies, pay close attention to the actual discount given. Most of the time the store that made the ad is just trying to lure you into their place and take care of all your back-to-school needs in one place - their place. But once the school year has started, scan your local shopping ads and keep an eye out for what are usually deeper discounts on clothes and supplies. If you're willing to wait, you can likely save more.


Buy candy the day after Halloween and save it for treats later on. Hard candy takes years to go bad, and the chocolate bars can be put in the freezer to save for warm weather treats next Spring or Summer (you have not lived until you've had a frozen peanut butter cup on a hot day). Some of the basics, like plain chocolate bars, can be bought for great discounts and utilized when you make your holiday treats a month or two later.

Garden supplies

Are you a hardcore gardener? Fall might not be the best time to get planting, but, you'd be amazed how many people enthusiastically take up gardening at the beginning of Spring only to give up by the time September rolls around. You can find barely used gardening tools at thrift stores and yard sales to use when Spring rolls around again.

Make or trade your kid's costume

Halloween is getting to be just about as expensive as Christmas these days. If you're looking to save money, consider a homemade costume for your child, or perhaps trading last year's costume with your neighbor for their child's old costume. Swap meets, yard sales and thrift stores are a great way to save money and make a unique homemade costume.

Turn back your ceiling fans

If you have ceiling fans and central heating, now would be a good time to see if your fans have reverse switches on them. This allows them to gently blow the warmer air that has collected up near the ceiling downward and keep you warmer longer while preventing the thermostat from kicking on as often.
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