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Get Fast Approval for $100 to $5,000

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What Are Signature Loans in Utah?

Utah signature loans do not require you to put down any collateral, such as your car or home. Your signature is collateral, and your current income determines the loan amount you receive. Signature loans are a great option to get quick cash if you have bad credit or no credit history.

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How Does It Work?

A CASH 1 signature loan in Utah is a line of credit. As an example, if your credit line is $500, you can borrow an amount up to $500, at any time, as long as you keep your line of credit open.

Your payments are due on your payday. Paying down your balance will increase your available credit. To keep your payments on-time, you should sign up for Auto-Pay, which can increase your credit limit.

Why Should I Get a Loan with CASH 1?

No origination or processing fees
Some lenders charge fees to process your application. With CASH 1, you don't have to worry about hidden costs. It's free to apply, and we won't charge you to process your application.

Competitive interest rates
Make payments on-time, and your line of credit increases. Your Annual Percentage Rate will decrease when you have more available credit.

No early payment penalties
CASH 1 does not charge a prepayment fee if you pay the loan off early. We encourage you to pay off quickly, so you save money.

Get a credit increase over time
When you make three payments on-time, you can qualify for an extra $100. Overtime, you can build your line of credit up to $2,500 if your income supports it.

How Can Signature Loans Help Me?

You don't have emergency savings
In Utah, signature loans are an ideal option if you don't have any emergency savings to cover situations that may arise. This seems to be the case for many, as 40% of Americans say they do not have the proper resources to cover an unplanned $300-$400 purchase. If this sounds like you, then you should seriously consider a signature loan.

You have an overdue utility bill
Avoiding a utility shut off in Utah, especially during winter months, can be a challenge if you have no way of getting extra cash. If you do not qualify for the Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT) Program, you could get a short-term loan to pay your bills.

You need to repair your car
Maintaining your car can be expensive. Here's where CASH 1 can help. If you need extra money, installment loans in Utah will allow you to pay the mechanic now and spread out your payments over time. With a fixed loan payment, you know how much you need to pay every month. Your budget will thank you.

You broke your smartphone
Replacing a damaged screen or stolen smartphone can be costly. If you don't have insurance with your service provider, you might have to wait for weeks to save up for a new phone. You can use a signature loan to fix or finance a new phone.

You can't afford your medication
Sometimes you might come up short to pay for yours or a loved one's medication. Waiting for your next payday is not an option. Signature loans are a reasonable option if you need money fast, and they don't require collateral.

You have a significant home repair
Some of the largest expenses you'll encounter as a homeowner will be emergency repairs. You might not have the time to save the money because untreated damage to your home could end up costing you more. Using a signature loan to pay for the repairs can be a less expensive option than a credit card.

Remember to Borrow Responsibly

Before you commit to any signature loan or line of credit, you need to consider if you can afford the payments. Determine what you need and only borrow that amount. If you decide that you are in an excellent position to satisfy the loan terms, then a signature loan is the best choice for getting the cash you need.

How to Get a Signature Loan in Utah

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