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The Best Places to Live in Arizona

  • by Noel Ballon|
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  • Updated: March 29, 2022 |
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Best places to live in Arizona

Phoenix really is a great city, but for many, that's actually a problem. Cities by nature are crowded, congested, noisy and so forth. Maybe you like these things, which is perfectly fine, in which case, we recommend you start looking for apartments in Phoenix. After all, you've got every single professional sport represented, and there are the museums, the symphony and for 10 months out of the year: stifling heat.

But for the rest of us, the best places to live in Arizona would include a smaller population, affordability, employment opportunity, relatively open spaces and temperate climate. Base on those factors, the best places to live in Arizona include Flagstaff, Snowflake (did you know there's a Snowflake, AZ?) Prescott, Jerome, these are all in the northern part of the state. Thatcher, in the eastern section of Arizona, is a bit isolated but affordable. 

If you like the heat but not the noise and crowds, Tubac is located south of Phoenix in the relative vicinity of Nogales in Mexico.

And if you don't like the heat or the crowds but do like noise, Tuba City, Arizona is situated east of the Grand Canyon. OK, we don't know if the town is noisy, but come on, it's called 'Tuba City'.

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