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Get better gas mileage with these tips

Get Better Gas Mileage in Cold Weather

Updated on May 6, 2022

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Winter in the U.S. means shelling out more cash on heating and energy. Oh, and it's shopping season too... The cold weather also affects your spending habits. Being indoors and the colder temperatures can inspire you to make some pretty bad spending decisions. When you're rebuilding your credit, staying dedicated to your fiscal responsibilities starts with changing patterns in your daily life. One place to begin is considering your car's fuel economy. Yes, we all know gas prices are low right now. The national average is down almost 50 cents from a year ago. But, before you have a Zoolander Gas Fight, take advantage of the inexpensive prices and save even more with these fuel economy tips:

You Can Improve Your Fuel Economy In Cold Weather

Check Your Tire Pressure

When it's cold outside your tire pressure decreases which increases rolling resistance. Low tire pressure can burn 3.3% more gas which adds up when you consider the average American driver commutes an average of 1,500 miles a year.

Use Your Garage If You Have One

Keeping your car's cabin and engine warm before you even start it will prevent the nasty habit of idling (our next tip), using seat warmers and defrosters. All of these affect your vehicle's fuel economy. If you don't have a garage be aware of sunny places to park. Besides, doesn't your vehicle need a little fun in the sun too?

Don't Idle

Did you know that most car manufacturers recommend only 30 seconds of warming up before you drive off slowly? The engine warms up quicker when your vehicle is in motion. What you do know is that idling gets you zero miles per gallon which leads to negative miles per gallon the longer you burn fuel.

Remove Added Weight

Brush that excess snow off the roof and hood. Empty that truck bed after it's snowed. Kick those clumps off around your tires. That kitty litter or sand bag in the back of your pickup or car isn't doing you any favors if the roads are clear. Remove them when you don't need them. When you take a little time to drop that extra weight, you will save money.

Avoid Traffic Jams And Accidents

No one enjoys the stopping and starting of a typical traffic jam, especially your car. Use your smartphone to check the traffic report before you ever turn the key. Make it a habit. More accidents occur in the winter and planning ahead will allow you to keep your mileage in the positive.

Combine Your Trips

Cold temperatures increase transmission and engine friction when the fluids have not reached their optimal fuel-efficient temperature. Plan ahead and combine your errands to save money on your trips so that your vehicle operates with a warm engine instead of a cold one.

Have Better Tires

Unless you have the money and the space for an extra set of tires, all season tires are the way to go. Winter tires carry the stigma that they get less miles per gallon by creating more resistance to the road than summer and all season tires. Summer tires waste energy by slipping on icy or snow covered roads. If you're in doubt about replacing your tires check out the Firestone Penny Test.

Use Four-Wheel Drive Only When Necessary

It's no secret that four-wheel drive uses more fuel. Disengage it when the roads are not hazardous and the weather is not inclement.

Reduce Air Resistance

Remove that ski rack or roof accessory the moment you get home. Cold air is more dense than warm air and this increases wind resistance... Aerodynamics can be such a drag.

Fuel Saving Tips For Your Hybrid Or Electric Vehicle

Keep your vehicle plugged into the charger while preheating the cabin to extend your vehicle's range. Using the seat warmers instead of the cabin heater can save energy and extend range. Remember that cold weather decreases your battery performance which affects the performance of the regenerative braking system on hybrids. Having your car ready for those winter roads is a long-term investment that will save you money. CASH 1 Loans understands that financial emergencies occur and that your car expenses are usually a culprit. If you'd like to know how title loans work or have bad credit personal loans az are available when your vehicle needs a repair or newer tires. If you live in Arizona or Nevada you can apply for quick cash loans mesa online or give us a call at 800-431-3532.

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