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How To Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

Updated on January 20, 2023


Fleas happen - especially when you have pets. Those tiny suckers feed off the blood of their hosts and can cause flu and various diseases if left unattended. While they’re more common on dogs, cats can also get fleas. At the first sign of an infestation in your cat, you will need to deal with the problem immediately.

How to Tell If Your Cat Has Fleas?

There are common signs when your cat has fleas. Checking their skin can be the first way of figuring it out. However, you can tell if your cat has fleas through the following symptoms:

  • Black particulate on skin
  • Biting themselves
  • Fur loss
  • Scratching
  • Redness

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Cat?

Fleas on your feline can be tricky to eradicate. Most animal owners tend to experience a dilemma upon finding out that their beloved animals have fleas.

Fortunately, there are several remedies and products that you can use. For more information regarding the best products used for getting rid of fleas on cats, you can check out this review.

To get rid of fleas on your cat, you’d want to follow these five simple methods

1. Give your cat a good bath

Start removing fleas on your cat by giving them a good bath. Wash away the fleas with a shampoo that’s specially formulated for cats and has a low concentration of oil.

Stay away from products with a high concentration of oil as they can be dangerous to your cat. You can also try a solution made of apple cider vinegar as an alternative.

2. Vacuum your house

Frequent vacuuming can help get rid of fleas present in your home. It will also allow you to remove the dirt and unnecessary dust. Don’t forget to vacuum spots where your cats tend to hang out most of the time. Don’t forget to check the cat beds, furniture, and blankets as these are places where fleas always lounge.

3. Keep your cats inside

Cats can benefit from going outside, though it can also be the reason for gaining fleas. Your cats may also be exposed to dirt and dust that fleas like. Of course, a little sunshine and air are good for your pets. Therefore, you want to set a schedule wherein things would be more natural for you and your cat when to go outside.

To prevent flea invasion in your house, remove your shoes first before going inside. This will help prevent dirt from outside to enter your own home.

4. Comb away the fleas

If you want to make sure there are no fleas on your cat, use a flea comb. If humans have a special comb to get lice, animals also have one to get rid of fleas. Don’t forget to comb thoroughly and slowly! You don’t want your cat to get hurt after all.

To better comb away fleas, wet the comb with soapy water. It will add a pleasant smell and remove the fleas more effectively. To be sure, add this on your weekly routine of taking good care of your cat’s hygiene.

5. Use a spray

As mentioned above, killing fleas can be painless when you use the right products. By using such products, you can easily get rid of any fleas on your house. After cleaning your room, especially the floor, use an anti-flea spray.

Ideally, you have to use it if no one is around to prevent other humans and your pet at risk of contamination. Make sure to read the instructions which are indicated in the bottle or manual before using.


By following these five easy ways of getting rid of fleas on your cats, you can ensure a flea-free pet and household. Don’t let all those pesky suckers get to your cat’s skin and bring diseases to your house.

Keep in mind that some precautions and instructions must be followed carefully, especially when chemicals are involved. You don’t want to risk exposing your cats and family to chemicals which are present in an anti-flea spray.

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