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Make these items at home and save money

Do You Want To Save Money? Make These Items at Home

Updated on April 1, 2022

 Personal Finance

Wanna save money? Make your own stuff. It’s always cheaper to make your own items than to go and purchase them. For instance, if you build your own car, you could save thousands over the sticker price and customize your vehicle any way you like! OK, so we’re being a little silly with that suggestion, but there are a lot of things around the house you can actually make on your own instead of purchasing them that will help you save a lot of money in a relatively short amount of time.

Save Money on Food

Yes, you probably already knew you could grow your own vegetables, but other than growing food, you can make your own batches of spaghetti sauce (search the internet for easy recipes) and freeze whatever you don’t eat immediately. Not only is it cheaper, but it will be free of preservatives and the vitamins and nutrients in the tomato sauce won’t be burned off as is usually the case with store-bought brands. Bread is another food you can make yourself and freeze what you don’t eat. One of our favorite things to make is salsa; if you have a decent food processor, there is nothing like fresh-made salsa and again, much cheaper then the store-bought stuff. Other things you can make at home relatively easily: peanut butter, yogurt, pasta, baby food, granola, barbecue sauce, ice cream, hummus, pesto, applesauce, pretzels and even dog treats. Just search the web for the recipes.

Brew Your Own Beer

That’s right, as long as you’re not selling it without a permit, you can make your own beer right at home! Who knows, maybe you can create your own variant recipe and join the ranks of great microbreweries. Truly this is a golden age for beer, and making it yourself will save you a bunch.

Do it Yourself Cosmetics

Most lotions, soaps and hair care products are made from ingredients you can find in your home, or purchase for much cheaper and mix yourself. See this page for a whole list of recipes for making home cosmetics and who knows, like the microbrewery scenario, you could develop the next great line of cosmetics. At the very least, making the items yourself will save you money.

Create Your Cleaning Supplies

The Cleaning Supply Industry doesn’t want you to know this, but a vast majority of the products you use to clean the kitchen are a blend of bleach or ammonia (never, EVER mix bleach and ammonia! Very dangerous!), a dye for coloring purposes, and citrus or pine oil. That window cleaner you paid four bucks for? It’s just a mixture of ammonia and rubbing alcohol (and dye to make it blue). Follow these recipes and you can make your own cleaning products at home for much less than the cost of purchase.

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CASH 1 wants to save you money, and believe us; if we had the recipe for making your own cash at home (legally) we’d be sharing that as well. But if you find yourself short on finances, come see us for Arizona Title Loans.