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Visiting Phoenix, AZ? Check out these attractions

Don’t Miss These Phoenix Attractions

Updated on April 20, 2021


The one picture that always strikes in my mind when the name Phoenix comes up; is wide, red colored dessert with hot, dry heat. However, like a Phoenix bird rises from ashes, the city of Phoenix in Arizona rises and shines within the warm dessert with tons of things to do. Standing in the south of the Grand Canyon and north-eastern Sonora desert, Arizona’s capital, Phoenix is the state’s largest city and one of the most populated capitals in the United States with well over 4 million people. It's the valley of the sun where it's always warm and where nature shows up from the landscape like a sun from the desert horizon. As an ethnically pervaded and active city, Phoenix bustles with a number of must-see sites, out of the ordinary places and bountiful actions that rank it as the 12th largest urban area. Whether you visit for business or pleasure, it offers you different flavors of life. Planning a family vacation? Feel free to check out our Arizona family vacation ideas here.

What Phoenix has to offer

Central Art District

- Begin with the central art district, here the coffee houses amid the art galleries and boutiques, are an excellent place for breakfast. Looking out over the city, a great spot for excellent cuisines in antique or modern surroundings is the meticulously conserved Wrigley mansion. Phoenix is famous for its Sonoran hot dog. So, make sure to grab the exotic, mouth watering, fiery tastes of Phoenix that are the soul of the area.

The Auction Of Barrett-Jackson

- One of the most significant phoenix attractions is the Auction of Barrett-Jackson that spotlights the world's supreme collection of cars. All the automobile lovers from all over the world gather here just to experience this phenomenal attraction. You would not dare to miss at least a glimpse of this event, even if cars are not your thing.

The Mesa Arts Cultural Center

arranges a number of shows and exhibitions with things to do in Mesa that features art and live music. Try using your hand at the creating pottery and art jewelry in this award-winning center. For the art lovers, the Old Town Scottsdale is a desert with shops and stores full of Native American artwork, treasures, and jewelry. For the wall exhibits, visit the Phoenix Art Museum, which is also packed with loads of conventional paintings and sculptures.

Arizona Science Center

- Get gobbled up by a monster stomach and cycle high in the air in the downtown Arizona Science Center. Prospective brainiacs can test their brains in this interactive wonder museum while the little ones will love splashing about.

For sports lovers, there are many tournaments and events in basketball, baseball, tennis or golf held on almost every month in Phoenix. Arizona’s own Cactus League is one of the Phoenix attractions where most of the major baseball teams like Arizona Diamondbacks, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers play and practice during their off-season. For all who wish to catch some baseball fun, this is a golden chance for them to experience and meet the team in an intimate and friendly environment. Another Phoenix tourist attraction is some of the best golf courses in the world like the McCormick Ranch Golf Club, the Wigwam Golf Resort and Spa Club and the Phantom Horse Golf Club. These places are like heaven for those to whom golf means more than a sport.

For outdoor activities, there are a number of hiking trails along the various mountain ranges for those who wish to explore the wildlife. Piestewa Peak, the second highest apex in the Phoenix Mountains is a renowned trail where thousands of climber hikes in every week. It is an ideal outing for anybody who travel solo or with family and friends. With remarkable species of plants and animals that include a copious diversity of flowering cacti, this place is a must see. Apart from these, you can ride in a hot air balloon to have a great view of the valley of the sun in full glory, you can also choose to ride on a horse to have the experience of Clint Eastwood western movies or you can take jeep tours through the Sonora Desert. Other Phoenix bad credit loans Arizona attractions include Papago Park, Phoenix Zoo, and Desert Botanical Garden.

Another natural window overlooking phoenix is on the opposite side of the city of Dobbin’s point. The native Dancing Championship in February and the Coors Phoenix Rodeo Showdown in October are two major special attractions in Phoenix that attracts tourists all year round.

The nightlife of Mill Avenue in Tempe, Phoenix is so tempting that you cannot resist going over there. Located near the Arizona State University campus, you will find tons of restaurants, nightclubs, piano bars, and shops to have a fun night full of memories. For more trendy nightlife, take a visit to the Biltmore in Phoenix that offers trendy lounge areas as well as shopping, movies etc.

Phoenix is always shining in sunlight with its southwestern charisma, rich Native American history and profound delight of art and nature. It is a charming oasis in the hot Sonora desert. So pack your bags for Phoenix, where you can turn your travel adventures into a lifetime of memories.

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