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Avoid these bad drivers to avoid fender benders

Beware of These 10 Bad Drivers

Updated on February 1, 2023

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Yikes! Gas is the cheapest since 2004. With more travelers expected to hit the open road - You'll need to be more cautious of these annoying drivers to avoid any fender benders. To lessen the road rage, CASH 1 created this Infographic with adorable animals driving cars. Are you one of them?

The Cat

Social and aloof the cat pays no attention to the road while texting. Expect to get rear-ended by this driver. They don't see brake lights even though they'll chase a red dot from a laser pointer for hours.

The Dog

Squirrel! Squirrel! Distracted and in a hurry, they often nip at your heels, er, bumper and also increase the chances of you getting rear-ended.

The Pig

Oink! Oink! The pig is, well, a pig. Chewing up the fast lane and hogging up good driving real estate. They refuse to move over, causing traffic flow chaos.

The Turtle

Maybe they are insecure about their driving abilities, scared or completely self-involved. The turtle is slow and frustrates drivers all around them. Expect mayhem on the highway and sporadic lane changes from other drivers to avoid this crawling car.

The Monkey

ADD ain't got nothing on me! Focusing on the road is not a priority for this Adderall popper. They think they can drive safely with a knee while eating, taking selfies, changing music, texting, drinking coffee and applying makeup.

The Lion

Maybe it's the pride of thinking they are king of the jungle, these folks have no clue that other drivers exist. They refuse to use turn signals and think rearview mirrors were invented only for looking at themselves.

The Giraffe

These nosy rubber neckers can't drive by a traffic accident without gawking and swerving and coming to almost a complete stop. You'll often see multiple rubber neckers cause an accident within an accident because they can't focus on the road.

The Horse

Maybe these beasts of burden are tired of being ridden all the time. When they hit the road - It's time to raise the roof with the hoof. They could easily pass you or take a deep breath. Accidents will likely be caused by a heart attack while driving or rear-ending you. They are usually speeding and changing lanes often.

The Goose

Honk! Honk! It's usually a gaggle of them in a traffic jam. Even worse, there's the lone goose that pushes on the horn for any insignificant driving infraction.

The Wolf

Hungry like the wolf. Hungry like the wolf. We don't know if these fools are hurrying to get their next meal or simply too full of adrenaline. Usually they are younger drivers that played too many racing video games. They make poor decisions and engage in reckless driving.

Are there any other type of drivers that make you crazy on the road?

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Photograph of author Joseph Priebe

Joseph Priebe

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