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What is the most expensive hotel in Las Vegas?

What Is the Most Expensive Room in Vegas?

Updated on January 20, 2023


Famed for its endless entertainments and numerous casinos, Las Vegas is one of the leading cities in the US where everyone can have as much fun as they want. Whether you are searching for hotel rooms in the city to stay during your business visit, a honeymoon suite for you and your spouse or themed hotel rooms in Las Vegas for optimal comfort and fun, the city has something for everybody. Sin City, as Las Vegas is fondly called, offers different options to everyone who needs luxurious hotel rooms to stay.

If you've been to Vegas and, like most of us, are on a budget in the City of Sin, then you've probably stared at some of those higher end hotels and wondered what is the most expensive room in Vegas.

Most Expensive Room in Vegas

Nobu Villa – Caesars Palace (Nobu Hotel)

Rate: $35,000 per night

The Nobu Villa is a rooftop villa of the Nobu Hotel that covers a total of 10,300 square feet. It is one of the most expensive rooms in Vegas. It is a three-bedroom space that offers the taste of the best hospitality that the city of Las Vegas has to offer. Its Japanese design and modern architecture provide a special blend of the Asian and American hospitality. While at Caesars Palace, you can enjoy custom music, an intimate Zen garden, spa services and airport limo service with the culinary delights of the famous city of Vegas prepared by Nobu chefs. Another feature of the villa is the sky deck which has a barbecue pit, full bar, and a dining area.

Two Story Sky Villa – Palms Casino Resort

Rate: $20,000 per night (weekday); $35,000 per night (weekend)

This is a two story suite that has a few themed hotel rooms for Las Vegas guests that want to experience the splendor has to offer. Some of its amazing features include strip views, a glass-enclosed pool, floor-to-ceiling windows, personal elevator, fitness room, massage room, sauna, and picturesque terraces. Other services that ensure that this 9,000-square-foot villa is worth every penny is a topnotch butler service, access to the fitness center for six people, amazing concierge services, VIP access to top-rated nightclubs, and round trip SUV airport rides.

Hardwood Suite – Palms Casino Resort

Rate: $25,000 per night

Hardwood Suite is one of the basketball-themed hotel rooms in Las Vegas that every basketball fan will love to take pleasure in even if it's only for a single night. This two-story suite has a lofty indoor basketball court that is filled with Murphy fold out beds and scoreboard as well as a first-class locker room that even professional basketball player would enjoy. Being the largest suite in Palms Casino Resort with about 10,000 square feet, Hardwood Suite has enough space for a private lounge, billiards table, and dance floor. Guests will also enjoy high-quality butler service, round trip SUV airport rides, VIP access to a leading nightclub and fitness center, and extravagant concierge services.

Bentel & Bentel Penthouse Suites – The Cosmopolitan

Rate: $25,000 per night

Bentel Penthouse Suites are some of the ostentatiously magnificent suites gracing The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. These are collections of different suites that are available for individuals that want to have the first-hand experience of the beauty and hospitality that The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is fondly known for. Based on their opulent features, these suites are some of the choicest Las Vegas attractions for couples. There are four penthouse suites in this hotel with The Hemlock and The Foxglove being the plushiest of them.

The Presidential Suites – The Mandarin Oriental

Rate: $7,500 per night

Just as the name indicates, the three Presidential Suites of the Mandarin Oriental are in the class of their own. Each of these suites comes with a special architectural design that is going to leave you appreciating the works of the architects, interior designers and other people that created such beauty. The Emperor Suite, which is the largest of the three, has a black-and-white posh Oriental design with modern touches. It has a lavish media room that can take about eight guests with the best equipment, such as the expensive Bang & Olufsen sound system. The Taipan Suite combines classic Asian looks with modern designs while the Mandarin Suite has both Oriental feels and exotic touches of the Art Deco era. Guests can also enjoy pressing service, the spa, and round trip airport transportation.

Chairman and Presidential Suites – Bellagio

Rate: Chairman Suite - $7,000 per night; Presidential Suite - $6,000

Chairman and Presidential Suites are two of the most expensive rooms in Vegas that the Bellagio provides. Though the suites are entirely different from each other regarding designs and sizes, each has two bedrooms with similar features. They have a fireplace that serves as the perfect place to spend a cold winter night, solarium and an L-shaped bar. The private bathrooms of the suites have luxurious whirlpool tubs and steam showers, and also offer the guests a city view. As part of the suites, there is an indoor garden with a picture-perfect fountain. Other sumptuous services to experience at the Chairman and Presidential suites of the Bellagio include VIP access to the VIP lounge, airport limousine services, spa sessions, and butler service.

The Three Bedroom Duplex – Encore Las Vegas

Rate: $5,050 per night (weekdays); $7,050 (Weekends)

The Three-Bedroom Duplex provides guests excellent services including access to the fitness center and Spa, Tower Suite pool, Wynn Golf Course, salons, restaurants, and VIP nightclubs. This 5,829-square-foot duplex has intimate bedrooms, a high-priced living room, and a dining hall that can accommodate 16 people. High-speed internet access, private massage and exercise room, exclusive airport limo service, and 24-hour butler services are also included for each booking of the Three Bedroom Duplex of Encore Las Vegas.

ARIA Sky Villas – ARIA Resort and Casino

Rate: $3,500 to $7,500 per night

As part of its contributions to the hospitality industry of the city of Las Vegas, ARIA Resort and Casino offers ARIA Sky Villas that have different suites with one- and two-story edifices with varying numbers of bedrooms. Ranging from 2,000 to 7,000 square feet, the villas are also in various sizes and prices, and each offers private saunas, unrivaled views of the Strip, well-equipped kitchens, billiard spaces, technologically equipped rooms, full-time concierge services as well as airport transportation services for all guests. Considering the leading services and features available here, these rooms can serve as unparalleled honeymoon suites in Vegas for many newly married lovers and partners.

Duplex Suite – Caesars Palace

Rates: $3,500 per night

The 1,800-square-foot Duplex Suite is arguably the most popular hotel room on this list as it has been used in several movies including Rain Man which features Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. It has two master bedrooms with two extra ones, 12-seater couch, 10 TVs, different electronics, in-mirror screens, and several other modern features that will make each visit unforgettable. From viewing The Strip conveniently from the rooms to displaying your music skills on the piano, there are lots of fun-filled and serenading activities you can do at the Duplex Suite.

Three Bedroom Villas – The Mirage Resort & Casino

Rate: $3,000 per night

Although the Three Bedroom Villas do not cost as much as most of the most expensive rooms in Vegas that we have on this list, they do not lack the luxury that others have. The interiors of the Villas at the Mirage Resort & Casino were designed with splashes of gold and cream which offer you an opportunity to experience what it feels like to be royalty. The interior of these themed hotel rooms in Las Vegas is donned with luxury gilt-framed mirrors, eye-catching chandeliers, unique nightstands with claw-foot designs, magnificent portraits and several other jaw-dropping features that can only be found in a few hotel rooms in the city. Whether you want to enjoy the atmosphere at the lounges found at the backyard, some away time at the pool, rest in the plush rooms or savor the tastes of the delicacies served by your chef, you can always be certain of having a great time during your stay at the Villas.

Considering the number of cool Vegas hotels, the city undoubtedly has enough places to comfortably accommodate the millions of high-class people it welcomes each year. Each guest can take time to check out these hotel rooms and enjoy the preeminent luxury that is better experienced than told.

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