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Make money with these unusual ways

Some Unusual Ways To Make Extra Money

Updated on April 20, 2021

 Personal Finance

Need to make some extra money? Here are some unusual ways you can make a few supplemental bucks.

Selling extra stuff on e-bay or craigslist is a simple option.

Babysitting, housesitting and pet-watching are constantly in high demand, especially where it concerns trust. Do you know the people in your neighborhood? Offer to watch their kids so they can take a date night, or keep an eye on their homes and pets while they’re out of town. There’s a young entrepreneur in my neighborhood who makes pretty decent money feeding and walking pets while owners are away on vacation.

Recycling is a good source for a few extra bucks. Collecting cans from your area, or getting rid of old junk cars you might have on your property not only might make you a few extra bucks, but it’ll beautify - and drive up the value of - your piece of land. You might be surprised what some scrapyards are willing to pay for that old big-engine Chevy sitting on cement blocks out back, even if it’s just for one hard-to-find part.

Here’s an idea: rent out your driveway. Do you live near an area where a popular local event is held? Maybe you live close to a city park that has annual events which attract crowds. You can rent out your prime parking real estate to people who don’t want to walk too far. Some folks who live near a sports complex make pretty good money renting out their driveways.

Speaking of selling stuff online, do you have an overlooked hobby or talent that might be profitable? Cosplaying (the hobby of dressing as characters from a fictional world) is extremely popular these days. Entire conventions are dedicated to the activity. But most people don’t know how to do crafts or sew. If you’ve got sewing ability, you can make some pretty decent money crafting costumes for Cosplayers. Not sure how to advertise this skill? Check out Craigslist where ad placement is completely free. Two words: Yard Sale.

In addition, your community probably has some sort of flea market on weekends, or you could take your crafts and get a regular booth spot at a local farmer’s market. These events aren’t just about selling produce. Many times people sell jams and jarred foods. Got your own super-secret homemade salsa recipe? Food connoisseurs the world over are rejecting mass-produced sauces in favor of unique brands of seasonings to make their dishes sing. You might be sitting on a super-secret money-maker and not even know it.

Kids grown up and out of the house? Boarding is a long-standing tradition that dates back to the days when man first started building a roof over his head. If you live near a college or university, many incoming freshmen students are probably looking for a room to rent and maybe the occasional home cooked meal. This can not only be a great source of income, but if you charge rent cheaper than the dorms, can be of great help to a college student struggling with finances.

As you can see, some of these will only make you a few extra bucks, while others take time to get established. If you find you are in need of an immediate cash infusion, come see us at CASH 1 for Installment Loans Online in Nevada and Arizona.